Bolsos Térmicos Amovíveis (BTA)


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Description / System Operation

This project arose from a partnership with Patient Innovation in which we were made known the case of Diogo. As a carrier of Charcot-Marie Tooth disease, Diogo suffers from hand coldness which, as a pianist, affects his dexterity in playing piano. The project consists of the development of a portable heating device with user-adjustable temperature control. Inserted in removable pockets it is possible to be discreetly used in several pieces of clothing, such as the concert jacket.

The first prototype was delivered to Diogo and feedback was received. In a second edition of the project, four more evolved prototypes were sent to the London Science Museum as part of the European exhibition ‘Beyond the Lab’, in partnership with Patient Innovation. The next phase of the project is to turn the removable thermal pockets into a final product that can be commercialized.


In this new version the goal will be to incorporate the pockets into a jacket. It will incorporate 3 pockets inside. Two of them will have the blanket and the thermistor and the other will be both the controller and the powerbank.

Current state

At this point only the official project documents have been completed and orders are being planned. In the next step, already with the acquired material, will begin the experimental tests.


Innovative Project of the Year awarded at JeniAL 2015
Honorable Medal “Good Practices Youth Associativism” 2016, by the IPDJ.