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Description/System Operation>

The gym project consists on the creation of a fitness equipment monitoring network, in order to evaluate its usage. The sensor network covers more than 100 machines per gym and presents different challenges in its design, from the choice and production of the sensors themselves, to the connection of all machines in an IoT (Internet of Things) network, which can be accessed through an online platform.

This project is developed over two phases:

  1. Prototype Testing / Network Creation –

    a more research-oriented phase. It consists in choosing different types of sensors (non-intrusive), where each one represents a different solution to withdraw data from the machines. Each sensor is connected to a microcontroller, which connects via Wi-Fi to a server, through which it is possible not only to receive data, but also to send commands to each sensor (eg calibrate, reset). Later, through the analysis of the different approaches used, it is decided which is more adapted to each type of machine.

  1. Creation of the online platform / Prototyping

    It consists on the creation of a personal IoT platform, through which we can connect and control all the gym equipment, whose data will be stored in a database. In this platform, it will be possible to obtain multiple usage statistics such as percentage and time of use of each machine, data organization by time intervals (day, week, month, etc.) and by set of machines (treadmills, bodybuilding, etc.) between others. It is also at this stage where they recreate the prototypes developed previously, so they can become more robust and occupy as little space as possible. Subsequently, the assembly and installation of all the necessary sensors in the gymnasiums is carried out.

Current state:

At this time, the project is at the end of the first phase. Different prototypes were installed and the best approaches for each machine are being analyzed.