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InMotion aims to combine the emerging concept of Gamification with the specialty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The project consists of a Gamified Rehab, implemented through a game engine that allows the creation of 3D environments (Unity). For the first approach, the shoulder joint was chosen as a focus in the implementation of the concept, in which the game is composed of a sequence of physiotherapeutic exercises. The main purpose of InMotion is to ensure a better quality of life for patients who need to perform physical rehabilitation – the recipients of the project. In fact, this playful and interactive approach to physical rehabilitation provides for greater motivation in patients, leading to more positive outcomes in the desired rehabilitation. The medical community involved in this field also emerges as an important stakeholder in relation to the project, benefiting from the increased efficiency of the work currently developed, since this innovative tool is available to complement conventional physiotherapy processes. The patient’s movement data during his rehabilitation session is collected in a convenient and simple way from the point of view of use, using Kinect technology.