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Description / System Operation

Meteo is a project that consists on creating a weather application for android. Developed in partnership with Maretec, a company of Instituto Superior Técnico, Meteo proposes a practical, functional and national alternative to existing applications in the market.
This application consists of three main sections. The first is more geared towards the current weather state. In this section of the application we have the temperature as well as the current sky state, the maximum and minimum temperatures, the direction and the value of the wind and the pressure. Also observed, for the day in question, the moments of sunrise and sunset, as well as the lunar phase.
In the second section of the application, with the help of an illustrative graph, the temperatures and sky conditions are displayed from hour to hour for the 24 hours following the current time.
In the last section, we have a design similar to the previous section, but in this case, it is for the 6 days following the current day.
The application guarantees an update of the data by a connection to a server that updates them in a suitable time interval. It also has the possibility of changing the measurement units.