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It is evident the impact of a healthy diet in our lives and in the prevention of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and cancer. However, it is not always easy to decide which ailments are adequate to fulfil a certain diet as the food product labels contain a lot of information and there are several personal conditions influencing this decision: allergies, restrictions of certain nutrients or follow a diet plan. Moreover, we believe that the first step to change the way people eat and to prevent the previously mentioned diseases starts at the moment of choosing a product at the supermarket and MyNutriScan will be there to help this choice.

MyNutriScan is a solution designed to help people making healthier decisions in the moment of choosing a food product in the supermarket. It combines the nutritional information from the user with the information of the food product’s label and provides personalized recommendations and feedback, presenting to the user a view of the most relevant details of each product while always taking in account the user’s personal nutritional plan/goals (defined by the user or even a nutritionist). The solution can take the form of a mobile app, through the scanning of the barcode of a product, or a browser plugin.
All in all, it helps you decide whether you should consume a food product or not, just like having your own Nutritionist inside your pocket!


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