JUNITEC, founded in 1990 by a group of IST students, was the first Junior Enterprise in Portugal. Since its foundation JUNITEC has been participating in various engineering sectors, this work has been distinguished by several prizes. Between 2004 and 2009, JUNITEC has become an inactive association. In 2009, a new group of IST students, that were aware of the importance of the activity that was developed by the organization, had decide to give back to all the Instituto Superior Técnico students the opportunity to apply and expand their knowledge, by reactivating JUNITEC. Since then, JUNITEC has grown continuously, being recently distinguished by the “Prémio Projecto Inovador” in 2015 and “Prémio Responsabilidade Social” in 2016 and 2017, both the prizes were given by JADE Portugal. In all the 26 years that JUNITEC has been around it has incubated and allowed the launch to market of 6 national enterprises and hundreds of Junior Entrepreneurs.

Vision and Mission


JUNITEC mission is to promote the valorization of the university student, by developing an education on entrepreneurship and continuous formation, this allows the students to close in on the enterprise medium. With an entrepreneur and innovation spirit, it is by means of developing engineering projects and services, as by betting on innovative ideas, that JUNITEC aims to contribute to an intimately connected community that bound university entrepreneurship and technology innovation.

JUNITEC aims to be a connection between the students and the enterprise medium, by applying acquired knowledge, and betting on the continuous valorization of the scientific, technological and enterprise space. Being directed for innovation and development of new technologies, JUNITEC aims to be an example on new ideas development and their concretization.


Junior Entrepreneur Movement

A Junior Enterprise it’s a non-profit, non-political and non-religious association. Made only by university students, has the objective of putting in practice the knowledge and competence acquired in the academic formation of every student. Under the motto of Learn by doing, it is intended that the students develop projects where they can improve their soft skills, making the difference on the job market. Normally, Junior Enterprises find themselves located at university campus, mainly due to the direct sources of knowledge, being in that way more capable of counting on teacher support.

JADE Portugal JADE Portugal Junior Enterprise Federation of Portugal

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As a Junior Enterprise, we are connected to the practice of entrepreneurship. There are various cases of enterprises that were created on JUNITEC by its alumni, and because of that we continue to give value to new ideas ant the necessary support for their development.