Frequently Asked Questions

    • keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is JUNITEC?
      JUNITEC is the oldest portuguese junior enterprise. It is made up exclusively of students from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) and has the goal of establishing a bridge between the enterprise and academic worlds. Being a non-profit, JUNITEC is able to offer services in its areas of expertise at competitive prices while ensuring high standards of quality at all times. JUNITEC has an organization scheme similar to that of a normal company, providing its members with an experience that will prepare them to the enterprise world. It offers services to different clients and develops a variety of in-house projects.
    • keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is the internal structure of JUNITEC? Is a degree of formality similar to bigger companies demanded?
      JUNITEC is organized similarly to a normal company. We are organized under a well-defined hierarchy, with Management, General Assembly Board and Audit Board. It is further divided in three different departments: Technical, Marketing and Human Resources. This way, being a member does not always imply being involved on a project or service, but often is an opportunity to develop soft skills across the various departments. All the work is developed on a single environment, and the communication amongst members takes place in an informal manner, with occasional events requiring some degree of formality.
    • keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is a Junior Enterprise?
      The concept of Junior Enterprise was created in Paris, in 1967, in École Supérieur des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales with the goal to encourage university students to develop their entrepreneur spirit. In Portugal, Instituto Superior Técnico was a pioneer in the creation of this sort of association, through the founding of JUNITEC, in 1990. The “movement” has been growing and nowadays there are more than ten junior enterprises working in Portugal in a wide variety of sectors. All Junior Enterprises are non-profit and all have the goal to provide the best training and learning opportunities to its members, preparing them for the job market. Junitec employs these concepts, following the motto “Learning, Innovation, Entrepreneurship”.
    • keyboard_arrow_rightWhere do members meet to work?
      JUNITEC has its headquarters in a detached house close to Instituto Superior Técnico. It is here that JUNITEC’s members meet with clients and fulfill most of their duties. The address can be found on the Contacts section.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHow many hours a week do you work? Do you have a fixed schedule?
    Before being JUNITEC members, we are all Instituto Superior Técnico students and know the time required to complete our degrees. Therefore, we only ask our members the maximum effort and efficiency possible during the time off they can take without jeopardizing their degrees in any way.

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  • keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is a project?
    JUNITEC’s projects have well defined start and deadlines. They are usually med/long term and may be: navigate_nextInternal, exploring ideas from one or more members, given that these are approved by the management; navigate_nextExternal, answering the needs of a particular client. All approved projects implement the values of “Learning, Innovation, Entrepreneurship” and build on the knowledge of our members, challenging them. We deeply value our social responsability and, therefore, many of our projects have the purpose of improving the quality of living. From solving daily life problems to improving conditions associated with disease, the goal is to help and learn by doing.
    • keyboard_arrow_rightHow does the selection process work?
      JUNITEC holds its selection process once every semester or annualy, depending on how many members are needed. Any student from Instituto Superior Técnico may apply through the recruitment application form. The process includes individual interviews and group dynamics where the most qualified candidates for each vacant position are selected. Whenever we the recruitment process is open we will announce it on the website and on our social networks pages.
    • keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is the expected workload?
      Before being JUNITEC members, we are all Instituto Superior Técnico students and know the time our degrees require of us. The time allocated will vary depending on the position and the tasks due to be completed at a given time. No member should jeopardize their academic performance because of their JUNITEC obligations, and the training offered is often beneficial to members’ performance. Knowing this, we only ask our members for the maximum effort and efficiency during the time they do allocate to JUNITEC, keeping in mind that this is an investment with returns in the form of experience and training on a wide range of areas. To sum up, we try to complement your formal education without harming it in any way.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDo I have to be a student of a particular degree, or be a master’s degree student ?
    No. We accept applications from first year students to master’s students of Instituto Superior Técnico. The application can be made to any department, but allocations can be made to other departments, and many members end up working in areas that are not (initially) their first choice. We are looking, above all, for students with enterprising spirit who want to work on a team based environment.