JUNITEC‘s recruitment is now Closed.

For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us:

We are always open to spontaneous applications from motivated people. For more information, contact us!

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Why should you join JUNITEC?

  • done Opportunity to integrate a motivated and creative team. You will meet interesting people who will change your life forever.
  • doneIf you count on us, we will count on you. JUNITEC invests in educating its members transversally, from soft-skills to technical skills such as 3D Printing.
  • done Do you want to use the theoretical knowledge you’ve been learning? JUNITEC is the perfect place to apply the knowledge acquired in class and see your ideas become reality.
  • doneThe projects that we develop, will connect you with the professional world, which will allow you to establish or expand your network.
  • doneHere you will find: professionalism, creativity, friendship and cooperation. JUNITEC will help you to produce your ideas and discover your professional personality.
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Which department do you belong to?


keyboard_arrow_rightYou’re creative and persuasive..

keyboard_arrow_rightYou are ingenious and resourseful, with a mind to give shape to new ideas.

keyboard_arrow_rightThe ability to communicate ideas through various means is one of your strengths.

keyboard_arrow_rightYou have motivation and adaptability to learn to work in multiple software (image editing, video, web …).

keyboard_arrow_rightYou like to organize and participate in events of various dimensions.


keyboard_arrow_rightYou value yourself for your ability to solve problems and for your logical and critical thinking.

keyboard_arrow_rightYou have technical knowledge in JUNITEC‘s several areas of interest or you are motivated to learn!

keyboard_arrow_rightYou have an excellent adaptability and you’re persistent.

keyboard_arrow_rightYou have team spirit.

keyboard_arrow_rightYou clearly state your ideas and you are receptive to the opinions and ideas from other people.

Human Resources

keyboard_arrow_rightYou are moved by understanding and learning how companies manage people and recruit new talents.

keyboard_arrow_rightYour communication skills put you at ease when approaching other companies and with the target audience of JUNITEC.

keyboard_arrow_rightOrganization and leadership are two words that define you. Not only you work well under pressure but you also enjoy and have the capacity to organize events and coordinate people.